Unique Baby Quilt | What Size Dimensions For Baby

unique baby quiltphoto by onebyjude

We've previously covered some great floral applique quilts, so now let's get to unique baby quilts.

A unique baby quilt is very hard to come by, and the above photograph is a picture of an amazingly jaw-dropping one.

This lovely piece of art is hand stitched and pieced one by one all by hand. Yes, you have heard it right...hand stitched quilting, not by machine.

I'm in love with the single star embellishment as, in my personal opinion, it enhances the ambiance of the essence of the piece as a quilt made for a baby. However, every square is unique and different and they all add to the whole effect of the collage.

The recommendations for baby quilt sizes and dimensions are listed below, so don't worry...we'll get to that in a minute.

Anyway, this is a perfect example of complexly intricate applique quilt technique. The square blocks in this specific piece looks to be a quarter of the size of the common size square block.

I swear, if I received a unique baby quilt as elaborate and detailed as the one in the picture above, I would have to frame it and hand it up on my wall.

Realistically, when considering the dimension and size of the quilt, perhaps the whole piece is too large to fit in a standard frame. Baby quilt's sizes and dimensions can vary depending on the quilt maker.

unique baby quiltsphoto by normanack

What Would be a Good Baby Quilt Size and Dimension?

There is no legal rule set in stone when it comes to setting the size of a baby quilt, so do not fret too much about this aspect if this is what is on your mind.

When deciding on the size and dimension you would like the baby quilt you are making to be, perhaps you would do well to consider the size of a standard baby crib. The crib is probably the place where the piece would be placed and used the most.

The size of a standard crib bed or matress is 36"x52" I believe, so you may want to keep those measurements in mind when making your decision.

Of course, there is also the factor of the age of the baby. Healthy babies do grow at a steady and speedy rate, so setting smaller sizes and dimensions may not be such a great thing. If the baby is a newborn, how long do you want the baby quilt to last?

Standard Baby Quilt Sizes and Dimensions

As was brought out under the previous heading, do not fret about measurements too much. There are much more important aspects as to preparing and making a unique baby quilt. But here are some sizes that are commonly used:

  • 32"x40" (this size will likely fit the crib nearly perfect)
  • 36"x36" or 3'x3'
  • 36"x45"
  • 36"x48" or 3'x4'
  • 40"x52"
  • 36"x60" or 3'x5' (a great dimension for laying the quilt over infant and child mattresses)
  • 45"x60"
  • 60"x60" or 5'x5' (this size gives the baby room to grow)
Those dimension listed above should be more than enough to give you an idea of what you size you would like to create.

Just remember, no matter what size or dimension you choose for the baby quilt, it will be unique and memorable if you pour your heart and soul into it.